Zone change 955 and special review

zone change 955 and special reviewZone change 955 and special review. The property owners at 301-317 Covert have requested a zone change and special review.  They are asking to have the property rezoned from R-7000 to R6000 with a special review to allow 3 10-plex units for a total of 30 apartments.

The community has been adamantly opposed to this zone change and especially the special review allowing a 30 unit apartment complex.  There was a zoning commission meeting on 4-4-2017 and the commission voted 3-2 to approve the zone change and 5-0 to deny the special review for the 30 unit apartment complex.

Under current zoning regulations, according to Nicole Cromwell at the city of Billings, a change to R-6000 would allow, after removal of the current 3 unit 4-plexes,  the property owners to have up to 8 duplexes for a total of 16 units OR they could have 3 4-plex units and add 8 addition units as duplexes or patio homes, for a total of 20 units based off of lot coverage constraints.

If the property stays with it’s current zoning the property owners may keep the current 3 unit 4-plexs–they cannot rebuild them, or could build up to 6 duplexes or 12 single family (probably patio homes) for a total of 12 units with allowed lot coverage.

The next step in the process is the final city council vote on April 24, 2017 at 6:30pm at 210 N 27th Street Bilings, MT 59101.  They will approve or deny the zone change and special review at this meeting.  As it stands now, the zoning commission is recommending approval of the zone change to R-6000 but denial of the special review. Community input is allowed and appreciated.  If you would like to voice your opinion on this zone change please try to make the meeting on the 24th.

Your Billings Heights Realtor,

Jason Lillie