Proposed zone change 687 Barret road

Proposed zone change 687 Barrett Road

Proposed zone change 687  Barrett road, Billings MT 59105.

Addressing a major need

The Billings Heights community spoke loud and clear during our Barrett road sidewalk meetings.  The consensus was that sidewalks and road improvements on Barrett road were of major importance, and priority #1 for that area.
The county pockets on Barrett road are surrounded by the city. They are no longer rural and never will be again.  The traffic is already on that road.  This development will improve the flow by widening the road and putting in a portion of the side walk our kids so desperately need for safety.

The city and county governments are unable to make these improvements. It will take developers stepping up to improve Barrett road. This is a 6-7 million dollar project that will benefit everyone. They are asking to have a Zone change to add 10 additional units on a 10acre property…they can have 45 duplex’s under current zoning.  This development is essential for this area of the Heights.

As part of the development of this planned unit development, the developers will widen Barrett road 8-10 feet as well as installing curb, gutter and sidewalks.  Under the current R-7000 zoning they can build up to 90 units.  With the requested zone change they asking to build 100 units total.

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Opponents of the zone change sited traffic and high density homes as major concerns to this development.  There will be a zoning board meeting on February 5th at 3:30pm. Click Here for more info or you can See City-County Zoning  website