Heights Task Force Candidate Forum

Heights Task Force Candidate ForumHeights Task Force Candidate Forum

Tuesday August 22nd, 2017. Medicine Crow Middle School

Please join us in meeting the candidates for Heights City Council Seats and Mayor of Billings.


Candidates will be seated by Ward alphabetically at tables in front of the room.  Task Force officers will sit at tables on the side.  Task Force members and guests will be seated in chairs facing the candidates.

Each candidate will have 5 minutes to introduce themselves; they will have information about the structure.

Vice Chair Roy Neese and Chair Jason Lillie will ask the questions which they will have preselected from those submitted in advance by Task Force members and covering a range of topics.  There should be no need to have a written summary of the meeting as the press has committed to attending.

We will begin asking questions alphabetically by Ward 1 followed by Ward 2.  The second question will begin with the second person in Ward 1; the fourth question will begin with the 1st person in Ward 2.  This will allow each candidate to speak first and last.  Candidates may give brief answers, agree with a previous answer, or pass/abstain.

If a candidate personally mentions an opponent in a negative or challenging way, that opponent will get an opportunity to respond; disagreeing on ideas or issues will not result in additional time allotted.

Candidates will each be given one minute at the conclusion to summarize their candidacy.

Please take time to speak with candidates personally before and after the meeting as well as contact them by phone or email if you have additional questions.

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