Home Inspectors

Below is  list of Billings Home Inspectors.  Inspectors on this list are well established and experienced.  While researching home inspectors for the area there were many that came up.  Some of them had no track record or had no other information than a name and phone number.  The inspectors listed below have established businesses with web-sites, which may help you in selecting your inspector.  You can look in the Phone book for other inspectors if you wish.  If you would like to see an inspection service added that is not on this list, please contact us.

Inspection Service Contact Name Phone Number Website
Advanced Property Inspections Bob Spear 406-855-4349
Cornerstone Inspection Services John Green 406-697-1354
Pillar to Post Home Inspection Matt Gahagan 406-861-9235
Premier Home Inspection Inc. Doug Corbridge 406-698-2875

This list of Home Inspection Services in the area is provided as a courtesy and is in no way an endorsement of any Home Inspection Service., Jason Lillie and ReMax of Billings are not affiliated with, nor do we promote any particular Home Inspection Service. Please interview the inspectors and choose the company you feel is best qualified. We take no responsibility for the quality of the work provided by the inspector you choose.


Here are the contact numbers for Billings utility companies.  When you are purchasing or selling a home we recommend you contact the utility companies a week before closing.

Company Phone Number Website
Billings Public Works 406-657-8260
Billings Water 406-657-8315
Heights Water 406-252-0539
Lockwood Water 406-259-4120
Northwestern Energy 888-467-2669
Yellowstone Valley Electric 800-736-5323
Montana Dakota Utilities 800-424-5555
Charter Cable, Phone, Internet 877-273-7626
USA Digital Cable and Internet 800-248-9887
Qwest Telephone 800-244-1111
BFI Garbage Service 406-248-5400
MacKenzie Garbage Service 406-259-3600
Billings Gazette Newspaper 406-657-1298
Call Before You Dig 800-424-5555

Heights Banks:

Western Security Wicks
Residential Lending:
Debbie Sokoloski 406-238-8896
Western Security Main
Residential Lending:
Beth Klunder 406-371-8337
Wells Fago Main
Residential Lending
Chris Brink 406-238-0705
Stockman Bank
Residential Lending:
Jane Allen 406-896-4834
Monica Dooley 406-896-4801
First Interstate Bank
Altana Federal Credit Union
Valley Federal Credit Union
1445 Main
Billings Federal Credit Union
760 Wicks Lane, Suite 2


Sing Roofing Bruce Tall Construction All Design Home and Landscaping
Comfort Heating and Cooling

Billings City Council Representatives and Wards

The City of Billings is governed by a Mayor Council System. A city administrator implements the policies of the Mayor and Council.  In March of 2013 the City of Billings Ward boundaries were re-drawn to accommodate varying population growth/decline in different areas of the City.  The new boundaries provide a better balance of population in the Wards. There are 5 Wards throughout the City.  Each Ward has two elected representatives. Billings Heights has two different Wards for City Council representation. Each Councilperson serves a 4 year term and must live in the Ward which they are elected in.  The Billings Heights City Council members represent 40% of the city council.

Council Member Ward Phone Number
Brent Cromley Ward 1 406-252-3512
Mike Yakawich Ward 1 406-252-5353
Angela Cimmino Ward 2 406-698-9763
Larry Brewster Ward 2 406-670-0229
Tom Hanel Mayor 406-657-8296
Christina Volek City Administrator 406-252-3512

County Information:

The Heights is primarily made up of District 2 (light blue) for County Commissioner representation.  However there is a small section of the Heights off of Alkali Creek that falls into district 3 (purple).  Commissioners are elected and serve a 6 year term.  You can click here to see a list of all elected Yellowstone County Officials, their contact information and their terms of office. See the chart below for the Heights County.

Commissioners contact information.
Denis Pittman
406-256-2701 (W)
Email Commissioner Pittman

Robyn Driscoll
406-256-2701 (W)
Email Commissioner Driscoll