Billings Heights Home Values YTD August 2018

Billings Heights Home Values

# of Heights sales and average Price YTD

Billings Heights Home Values have continued to rise in 2018.  The average Heights sales price is $243,002 YTD in 2018, which is about a 1.5% increase in value from this time last year (Click Here to request a FREE Market Analysis On Your Home).  Keep in mind that appreciation rate is for all segments of the Heights residential market.  Your home may have appreciated at a much higher rate, based off of supply and demand.  Surprisingly the average days on the market remains unchanged from August 2017 at 56 days.  So far in 2018 there have been 341 homes that have sold.  There are currently 162 homes on the market in the Heights, in addition to 88 homes under contract. That makes a total of 591 homes that have sold, are on the market or under contact in 2018. The supply of homes currently sits at 3.8 months, which indicates a slight sellers market.



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