Barrett Road sidewalk improvement

Excellent attendance at the community forum on Barrett Road Pedestrian Safety. There were nearly 100 people there.
One of the challenges is the fact that Barrett Road is 80% County and 20% City. Putting a sidewalk from the bike path to Hawthone is along the county portion of the road. The county does not have funds for such a project. They expect property owners served by the project to pay for its installation and maintenance. In this case, the burden would fall on two property owners south of Barrett Road. The irrigation ditch to the north of the road prevents property owners to the north from being being asked to pay for the project, because they cannot directly access the sidewalk.
City also usually requires property owners to pay for sidewalks installed along their property. The city could install the sidewalk, but they could not charge the two property owners, so other funding needs to be found. It could be that the city is not allowed to build sidewalks out of city boundaries.
Residents in the area could petition the city and the county to implement an SID and RSID, respectively. It could be done over an area East of Bench or over the boundaries of Medicine Crow Middile School (although that would include the area that covers the Independent School District). This would require a vote by affected residents to raise their property taxes for this purpose.
Funds for the project could also be raised privately.
There were other ideas that could be implemented in the interim. Ideas include a three way stop at Barrett Rd and Hawthorne. Train students to walk on one side of the road and on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic. Train students to wear visible clothing when it is dark. Implement a lower school zone speed limit. Encourage the police department to enforce speed limit before and after the school day.