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The Billings Heights is geographically separated from the rest of Billings by Rimrocks which are long, tall cliffs, up to 800 feet high and are often referred to as the Rims.  The Billings Heights was annexed into the city of Billings in July of 1984 and was the fastest growing region of Billings in the 1990’s.  The population was 19,713 in 2000 and is projected to reach 24,646 by 2015.  Roughly 1/3 of the population of Billings live in the Heights.

In 2005 the city of Billings implemented the Heights Neighborhood Plan to provide a growth and development policy for the Heights, a copy of which can be found here.  Many of the street improvements specified in the plan have been completed. Included in these are the Aronson and Bench connectors which have greatly improved traffic flow into and out of the Billings Heights.  The latest improvement, the Inner Belt Loop, broke ground November 2013.

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Heights County Commissioners and other County representatives:

Yellowstone County comprises 2,649 square miles and has a population of 151,882 as of the 2012 Census.  It is the largest populated county in the State of Montana. The City of Billings is the county seat.  County offices are located in the County Court House at 217 N. 27th Street Billings, MT 59101 on the 4th floor.