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Proposed zone change 687 Barret road

Proposed zone change 687  Barrett road, Billings MT 59105. Addressing a major need The Billings Heights community spoke loud and clear during our Barrett road sidewalk meetings.  The consensus was that sidewalks and road improvements […]

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Welcome to the Billings Heights. We are your community resource for all things Billings Heights. You will find local business reviews and locations, a list of all the parks in the Heights with amenities, School information as well as community pages to post your Billings Heights garage sales and items for sale.  Stay up to date on Heights news with zone change updates, new businesses moving or building in the Heights.  If you have an event or garage sale feel free to ad it.  This is  your community site.

The Heights is a vibrant and exciting suburb of Billings, MT. We are a tight-nit community that takes great pride in the area that we live in. Located above the Rims, to the North and East of downtown Billings, the Heights offers it’s residents a great place to live, recreate and enjoy life. Featuring major retailers and locally owned businesses, the Heights provides all the amenities we have come to enjoy in our daily lives. Home to Lake Elmo State Park, featuring more hiking and biking trails than any other area of Billings, the Heights is ready for an active lifestyle.

We hope you enjoy this community website and the resources we have gathered for you. The Billings Heights is a great place to call home.